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Duo Interpretation Rules 2022-2023.

Extemp Skills and Drills (Presented by Ethan Reeves of Extemp Genie) Women in Extemporaneous Speaking (Presented by Samhitha Sunkara and Olivia Showmaker) Organizing an Extemp Speech (Presented by Dylan Slinger) Do's and Don'ts of Extemp Intros (Presented by Carolyn Evans) The Art of Extemp Filing (Presented by Nathan Leys). .

• Speaks articulately, but sometimes hesitates.

There are two types of Extemporaneous Speaking.

. • Frequently hesitates or has long, awkward pauses while speaking. Interp in a Box Rules 2022-2023.

However, an extemporaneous speech is actually a well-prepared speech that relies on research, clear organization, and practiced delivery.

. . • Occasionally has the need for a long pause or moderate hesitation when speaking.

. United States Extemporaneous Speaking, typically called US Extemp, is a speech on current events in the United States with limited preparation time.

To do otherwise is to pretend either than competitive norms don’t matter, or that our students are superhuman in the way they think.

Extemporaneous Rules 2022-2023.

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The best technique is to set your phone timer to count down from 10.



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. . . . You hold up fingers for the time remaining. Extemp showcases a.


. Download a sample comment sheet for Extemporaneous Speaking.

Allan Louden.

Extemporaneous Persuasive Speaking About the Contest.

Many ask for "5 down" or "3 down" and "a fist at grace.

Eye Contact Is Important-- They should look at their audience at least part of the time, depending upon the event.

NJFL Judging Rules will be followed for Junior High/Middle School Tournaments for the events of: Impromptu, Declamation, Original Oratory, Poetry, Prose, Humor, Drama, and Duo (Scripted and Memorized) ** See the attachment on the email titled: “NJFL National Judging Cover Sheets” EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING RULES.